Although HVAC systems are often built for durability, everything mechanical needs seasonal repair and maintenance to operate optimally.

One of the main reasons HVAC units’ breakdown is due to poor or lack of maintenance.

That’s the first sign you need to know. This simply means a malfunctioning unit doesn’t necessarily have to be a big deal, sometimes it takes only a little cleaning, and you’re back in business.

So, don’t wait for these minor issues to spiral out of control. Keep an eye for these apparent signs to know when your unit is crying for help:

  • Low performance: when your system won’t cool or heat your home, or the indoor air quality is compromised, that’s a red flag something is wrong.
  • Persistent, annoying noises: squeaking, rattling, grinding or any other funny noises are signs your system isn’t operating as it should.
  • Your energy bills are skyrocketing: call your HVAC technician the moment you notice the energy bills have increased.
  • Your unit is old: a unit older than 20 years will perform poorly, which calls for an HVAC replacement.
  • Funny odors: if you smell burnt fuel, gas smells, or any abnormal smell coming from your HVAC unit, there’s a problem.

Are any of these signs familiar?

If yes, it may be time to hire residential HVAC services.

Hire American Air Services, LLC for Quality Residential HVAC Services

Our technicians will take their time to do a diagnostic and performance analysis of your unit, identify the problem and recommend the best solution for your system.

We specialize in HVAC repairs and Residential HVAC replacement and improvement services; you can rest assured your HVAC unit will be in the right hands.

We are proudly serving residents in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.