In summer, you expect your AC to serve its purpose, but sometimes the scorching summer heat may cause it to work harder than it should, which may prompt regular repairs or, worse, premature breakdown.

So, before we get to summer, take this time to prepare your AC for the summer heat by doing the following:

  • Hire a professional to carry out diagnostic performance analysis on your unit
    Like all other mechanical units, AC inspection and maintenance are a must to keep it functioning optimally. If there are some potential issues, now is the right time to address all those issues.
  • Check Your Insulation
    A poorly insulated home will give way for cool air to escape from your home, which may put more stress on your unit to work harder than it should.
    And the result will not just be about the energy lost, but you will have to pay more for your energy consumption.
    So, check for any open seals, caulk the seals on windows and doors and replace the broken windows. It’s better to replace the windows than deal with air conditioner replacement or expensive AC repairs.
  • Increase shade if you can
    If the scorching summer sun often gives your outdoor unit a bad beating, you may want to consider shading it. Too much heat will compromise the efficiency of your AC, which will also affect your comfort.
    So, plant trees to shade the outdoor unit and reduce solar heat on the unit.
  • Make use of a programmable thermostat
    Your AC shouldn’t have to work hard when you’re not even at home, so why not reduce the stress on your unit by investing in a programmable thermostat.
    You can set it to be lower when you’re not at home; this way, it won’t have to run continuously
  • Install an energy-efficient AC
    Most new units in the market today are energy efficient, so if your current unit seems to work harder to meet your needs, you can consider replacing it.

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