The heating and cooling system is among the most critical aspects of your home.

A problem with your air conditioner unit in the hot summer season can quickly turn your home into an uncomfortable place in a matter of seconds.

Some HVAC problems can be avoided by simply carrying out regular HVAC maintenance or scheduling a routine HVAC inspection and maintenance.

However, when neglected, a minor HVAC issue can quickly escalate into a much bigger problem.

Here are the most reported HVAC problems

  • Filthy filters
    Having filthy filters is one major problem that compromises your home’s air quality. This problem usually arises as a result of failure to change your filters. A recommended time to replace your filters is 90 days.
    To stay ahead, check your system every month, clean off the dirt, and after three months, replace the filters.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
    Like a boss in a company, your thermostat dictates your HVAC system, but this doesn’t mean it can’t run into problems.
    A malfunctioning thermostat can result from settings problems. Lucky for you, you can fix this on your own. Go back to the instruction manual and ensure you understand the correct way to set the thermostat.
    However, sometimes the thermostat may have other complex problems that may need a technician’s intervention.
  • Weird noises from the furnace
    Noises from the furnace are annoying; primarily, it usually signifies a mechanical problem. It can be anything from a broken motor or a failed motor needing repair or replacement.
    Whatever the issue might be, it’s best to call in a technician to assess and address the issue.
  • Leakages
    Usually, when in operation, an HVAC system produces condensation, but if it’s more than a condensation, it’s a leak. Leaks shouldn’t be taken lightly; they may symbolize a broken drain or pipe.

One simple rule, if you have no idea how to fix the issue, hire HVAC services to get it fixed asap.

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