When it comes to an AC installation, so many considerations come to play. One of the essential factors in choosing a suitable AC is size.

If you rush and choose the wrong size AC, you’re likely to face so many future problems and may also have a shorter lifespan.

The problem of an undersized AC

As you’ve probably guessed, under-sizing means the air conditioner won’t meet your cooling needs, and it will likely undergo a lot of stress by working harder to keep up with your cooling needs.

As a result, you’re looking at:

  • Hiking energy bills
  • And a shorter lifespan

The problem with oversizing

Although not always considered a problem, a bigger air conditioner might not be the answer to your cooling needs.

If your AC is bigger than the space you have, your system will be undergoing a problem known as “short-cycling.”

Short-cycling is whereby the thermostat temperatures will be reached too early before your system has had a chance to complete a cooling cycle fully.

This issue can quickly intensify the wear and tear of your system, causing you an early air conditioner replacement.

Finding the right size air conditioner

It is best to call in a professional to get the best fit AC unit for your space. Air conditioning services not only deal with AC repair or installation services, but they can also help you choose the proper AC.

A professional considers the cooling load capacity of your home, the square footage of your home, and other factors such as the number of windows and doors you have.

This information will help you choose an AC perfect for your home, not too big and not small either.

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