Residential HVAC Services

Servicing refrigeration, air conditioning, heat, exhaust/make-up air systems and ice machines.

Why do people opt for our Residential HVAC Services in Houston?

Whatever the weather conditions may be, a functional, high-performance residential HVAC unit should have you covered. Our residential HVAC services are tailored to optimize existing HVAC units. We focus on installing the best residential HVAC systems where needed. 

Our clients choose us because we offer sincere consultation backed by technical expertise and the necessary skills to improve environmental control systems at your residence. We believe in minimizing waste and optimizing the performance of every HVAC unit. For a quick audit or in-depth audit contact us now and our guy shall be happy to serve you. We are available to guide you 24/7, and it is free of cost.

Our professionals specialize in:

  • Residential HVAC restoration services 
  • Commercial HVAC refurbishment services 
  • Industrial HVAC repair services 
  • HVAC installation and electrical remediation services
  • Diagnostic and performance analysis
  • Adjusting installed units for prime performance
  • System audit and problem identification for residential HVAC systems
  • Seasonal repair and maintenance for residential HVAC units
  • Home HVAC installation and electrical services
  • Residential HVAC replacement and improvement
  • And more

Update and improve the environment of your house with our specialist HVAC services today. We are available for support 24/7. Contact us today to get started with the most optimal HVAC solution for your home.

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    Air conditioners work on the principles of compressing air utilizing gas, commonly freon gas. The systems cool the air by pumping action of the freon gas in a compressor, fitted on the outdoor unit. From there, the cooled air is bought to the indoor ac-unit, and then it circulates throughout the house with the help of a blower. This cooled air draws heat from the atmosphere and takes it back to the outdoor unit where the cycle repeats itself. All these components of an air-conditioning unit, the outdoor unit, the indoor unit, and the blower are equally crucial for the cooling process. Good air-flow is near to the same importance as the outdoor unit. Their cleansing and maintenance are a necessity to keep them running in optimum condition, i.e., maximum efficiency and minimum electricity usage. Because they are the largest energy consumers of a house and therefore, they must operate at optimum conditions to cool the house as well as consume lesser energy.

    Humidity is a by-product of cooling. If you are feeling humidity in your house, then there is a fair possibility that your AC unit may not be working as specified. You need to run a diagnostic program by a professional who is aware of the nitty-gritty of repairing and maintaining an AC unit.

    American Air Services, LLC, ensures the provision of ATEX certified HVAC systems, certified HVAC explosion-proof system, and explosion-proof air conditioning systems that will fulfill all the automation needs in the residential sector.

    So, if you are facing problems regarding these and looking for residential air conditioning services, you must not worry! Our technician is on his way to you. He will make use of a service diagnostic tool for performance analysis and make some adjustments for prime performance. You will notice the reduction in your electricity bill as your AC unit will not be using much of the energy. American Air Services, LLC, recommends an annual maintenance program for prime performance of your air conditioner and heating unit.

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