Practical Tips to Extend Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

When it comes to the HVAC unit, the goal is for it to serve you for the long haul since it's one of the largest investments in your home. However, like many other things, you have to care for your system so that it serves you for long. Here are some tips to help achieve this: Schedule seasonal repair and maintenance for your residential HVAC unit This is the best way to ensure your unit serves you for a long time. Your technician will perform the following: A performance analysis to ensure your unit functions optimally Adjusting your HVAC unit [...]


Is Your HVAC System Making Weird Noises?

When your HVAC system keeps you warm in the fall and winter and serves you best in the heat of summer, you won't even notice it's there. In fact, for the most part, the HVAC system is tranquil; the only sound you get to hear is a slow hum. However, when you start to hear some rattling, banging, or other annoying sounds, it's an indication there's a problem. Here's what these sounds may mean: Grinding noises This can result from dirt and debris stuck in your AC unit, in the furnace's blower unit, or dirt has made its way into [...]


What is an HVAC Tune-Up and Why Should You Get One?

When the weather is nippy, you know what it’s like if your furnace suddenly goes out, and when the summer heat takes over, your AC is your best friend. This means you rely on your HVAC unit for comfort all year long, and the last thing you want is having it breakdown on you when you need it most. So, the most thoughtful way to ensure you get the comfort your heating and cooling system provides is by scheduling regular tune-ups. What is an HVAC tune-up? This is a simple appointment you set with your HVAC technician for your cooling [...]


How to Minimize Strain on Your AC

In summer, you expect your AC to serve its purpose, but sometimes the scorching summer heat may cause it to work harder than it should, which may prompt regular repairs or, worse, premature breakdown. So, before we get to summer, take this time to prepare your AC for the summer heat by doing the following: Hire a professional to carry out diagnostic performance analysis on your unit Like all other mechanical units, AC inspection and maintenance are a must to keep it functioning optimally. If there are some potential issues, now is the right time to address all those issues. [...]


5 Obvious Signs Your Residential HVAC System Needs Servicing

Although HVAC systems are often built for durability, everything mechanical needs seasonal repair and maintenance to operate optimally. One of the main reasons HVAC units’ breakdown is due to poor or lack of maintenance. That’s the first sign you need to know. This simply means a malfunctioning unit doesn’t necessarily have to be a big deal, sometimes it takes only a little cleaning, and you’re back in business. So, don’t wait for these minor issues to spiral out of control. Keep an eye for these apparent signs to know when your unit is crying for help: Low performance: when your [...]


Pre-Season Inspection: Don’t Let Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

The weather is getting colder, and like everyone else, you want to keep your home warm and cozy. But that doesn’t mean you have to incur high unreasonable energy bills at the end of the season. The rise in energy bills signifies a problem with your HVAC unit. So, before you turn up your heating system, start by scheduling a pre-season inspection. Why schedule a pre-season inspection? Your HVAC system is your best friend both during winter and in the summer. If you take care of it . We are simply saying, carry out all seasonal repair and maintenance for [...]


Top 5 Most Reported Residential HVAC Problems

The heating and cooling system is among the most critical aspects of your home. A problem with your air conditioner unit in the hot summer season can quickly turn your home into an uncomfortable place in a matter of seconds. Some HVAC problems can be avoided by simply carrying out regular HVAC maintenance or scheduling a routine HVAC inspection and maintenance. However, when neglected, a minor HVAC issue can quickly escalate into a much bigger problem. Here are the most reported HVAC problems Filthy filters Having filthy filters is one major problem that compromises your home’s air quality. This problem [...]


Why Does the Size of Your Air Conditioner Matter?   

When it comes to an AC installation, so many considerations come to play. One of the essential factors in choosing a suitable AC is size. If you rush and choose the wrong size AC, you’re likely to face so many future problems and may also have a shorter lifespan. The problem of an undersized AC As you’ve probably guessed, under-sizing means the air conditioner won’t meet your cooling needs, and it will likely undergo a lot of stress by working harder to keep up with your cooling needs. As a result, you’re looking at: Hiking energy bills And a shorter [...]


Answering Your Questions on Geothermal HVAC

In this technological era, everyone is on the lookout for better ways to make life easier. This is true in so many sectors, for example, with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and their charging stations. Wait! a more interesting one is the geothermal HVAC systems. For a long time now, geothermal systems have been used in the U.S and worldwide. Unlike other systems, they work with nature, not against it. It's a sustainable solution since it doesn't emit greenhouse gases, and more importantly, it's an effective way of cutting down on energy bills. For a chance to save on [...]


How to Prepare Your AC for Summer

The fear of facing the summer heat will make you spare those few moments and make sure your AC is in tip-top shape. So, we are here with all the tips you need for your AC inspection and maintenance before the brutality of summer catches up with you. Clean your filters Dust should not hang around your AC for long. Dirty filters limit the airflow, making your AC work twice as hard as it should to cool your home. So, make sure to clean your filters regularly to keep your AC at its best. For better efficiency, replace your filters [...]