American Air Services, LLC, ensures the provision of ATEX certified HVAC systems, certified HVAC explosion-proof system, and explosion-proof air conditioning systems that will fulfill all the automation needs in the commercial sector.

Commercial HVAC services

Commercial HVAC

What makes our Commercial HVAC Services popular in Houston?

Our industrial-grade commercial HVAC solutions are high-performing and long-lasting. Any business looking for a reliable HVAC service can count on us to deliver exactly that. Our units are spread across the nation. 

We believe in delivering a customer-centric service, so your comfort and satisfaction as a business matter to us. Every tool and piece of equipment used at our firm is state of the art and best in class. We choose the best technicians, train them extensively, help them leverage the latest technology to deliver exceptional results. If that is what you are after then we are a natural match for you. Get in touch to get started right away! We are available to guide you 24/7, and it is free of cost.

Our professionals specialize in:

  • Diagnostics and performance analysis
  • Adjusting installed units for prime performance
  • System audit and problem identification for commercial HVAC systems
  • Seasonal repair and maintenance for commercial HVAC units
  • Commercial HVAC installation and electrical services
  • HVAC replacement and improvement for commercial use
  • HVAC exchange and repair services 
  • Commercial HVAC refurbishment services 
  • And more

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    Commercial HVAC system repair

    Commercial, Residential, Industrial Air Conditioning American Air Services

    Commercial HVAC system problems can cause a considerable amount of damage to commercial business and it’s operations. Working would be ceased due to unbearably hot and humid conditions. A complete failure of the system can wholly impair the activity and functioning of your employees within a short span. You will require a certified professional for commercial HVAC troubleshooting, who knows how to troubleshoot a commercial cooling unit. Generally, along with the latest equipment, a technician should be aware of the deep details of industrial HVAC processes, including the refrigeration cycle, airside fundamentals, and 3-phase electrical systems as well. These commercial units are directly involved in the company’s core processes, so technicians must have the experience of package units, making up of air-units, repairing air conditioners and commercial controls, as they play a crucial role in the company’s progress. If you are facing any of these problems, you must not worry as you have come to the right spot to have your HVAC system fixed. Technicians of American Air Services, LLC, will identify the source of the problem with the help of service diagnostic tool and implement appropriate repair to your commercial HVAC system and will make some specific adjustments for optimum running of your air conditioning unit.

    Commercial HVAC system installation

    Commercial, Residential, Industrial Air Conditioning American Air Services

    Commercial HVAC systems take a beating during extremely hot and humid conditions. It will increase the chance of wear and tear because of high occupancy rates and heat-generating processes. Here at American Air Services, LLC, every HVAC unit is installed to perfection, so as to optimize the atmosphere with the exact amount of conditioned air to keep every part of your commercial area cool and comfortable for working. Our mechanics and technicians will make that all the ductwork are appropriately connected, and there is no chance of the leakage.
    If you want to have your new HVAC system installed, contact our marketing executive by “clicking here.” He will visit you and will give you a free estimate of commercial HVAC installation cost along with educating you on your options to select the commercial HVAC system and its customization according to your home or workplace, free of cost.
    There is a diversity in options we will suggest you in choosing an HVAC system for your home or workplace, and the brand we carry are:
    All the replacement and installation of the HVAC system is accompanied by a 1-year maintenance agreement to keep your system working.

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    HVAC contractor in Houston, TX, in front of Windmills

    Commercial HVAC system maintenance

    Commercial, Residential, Industrial Air Conditioning American Air Services

    Proactive maintenance will help you to make sure of the optimal and smooth running of your commercial HVAC system. A system running at its peak efficiency will consume the minimum amount of energy and, therefore, will help to save a significant amount of money for you. But for effective preventive work, demand reliable, and skilled professionals make sure that your investment is never wasted.