American Air Services, LLC, ensures the provision of ATEX certified HVAC systems, certified HVAC explosion-proof system, and explosion-proof air conditioning systems that will fulfill all the automation needs in the industrial sector. The best part is, our services are not limited to Houston only; these services are provided all around the Globe!.
Here is the equipment necessary for optimum HVAC automation in industrial regard.


People sometimes find it challenging to choose whether which type of chiller is suitable for their workplace. They might fool themselves at the hands of quacks. But you must not worry as we will make sure to provide you which type of chiller would be suitable for your working site.
Air-cooled chillers system absorb heat from surroundings through processed water, and after that, it released that heat in the commodity carrying the chiller. Usually, the heat removed by the system is considered to be a factor that would overdo the chiller’s work. Although this is a wrong supposition, infact, this excess heat helps to warm the plant in winters.
Water-cooled chillers system absorb the heat from the surroundings through the same processed water, and after that, this additional heat is transferred to a separate water source commonly a cooling tower. Water-cooled chillers may also have supplementary circuits which contain refrigerant to help chillers to cool the atmosphere a bit more. Water-cooled chillers are used generally for large areas and capacities, where the additional heat produced by the air-cooled system can affect the efficiency of industrial water chiller. They also require condenser water treatment for the elimination of minerals build-up.


Here at American Air Services, LLC, our technicians and engineers are experts in choosing the right chiller for your workplace, and they will continuously be analyzing the performance of your chillers, it will decrease the risk of failure, and if in any case, a breakdown happens this performance analysis and constant check-ups will help them to find the problem immediately. We can manage to plant chillers up-to 1000-tons. For booking and details contact us at _________.


During extreme winters, it becomes challenging to survive without having a boiler in your home or workplace. It will help maintain a cozy & warmth throughout the winters. Here at American Air Services, LLC, we are providing our customers with the guide for the right selection of boiler, boiler installation requirements, and maintenance of boilers for their workspaces.
Boilers typically work by heating the water and then sending it to different parts of your living or working area, with the help of pipes within your home’s baseboards. They have a reputation for being energy efficient, reliable, and durable. With the evolution of time & boilers, specific energy sufficient models were made to reduce the amount your electricity bills significantly.
Getting worried about choosing the right thing? Technicians at American Air Services, LLC, will make sure to help you select the best boiler meeting your requirements and budget. Our technicians are experts in installing new boilers with years of experience having their back; worry not, you are in good hands.

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Proactive maintenance is necessary, as it will help you with getting surprised with repairing or replacement problems. We want to recommend an annual maintenance plan to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your boiler. Our technicians will keep a close eye on your boilers to make sure it’s smooth running and analyzing its performance to reduce the effect of repairing and replacing your old boiler with a new one, as we care for the money you invested. If you want any information regarding boiler, it’s installation, and it’s maintenance, you can contact us __________. We are available to guide you 24/7, and it is free of cost.


Air handlers are the metal box containing a blower and a part of the split-system, which helps air-conditioner or heat pump to distributes the conditioned air throughout the house or the workplace. A ductwork ventilation system helps an air handler to circulate the air throughout your workplace to change the environment accordingly.
Amercian Air Services, LLC, will help you with the best air handlers and sound ductwork ventilation system. Also, our technicians will be closely monitoring any lag in airflow as airflow is the most crucial part of heating or cooling because it can cause a significant amount of damage to your air-conditioner or heating pump. So, our technicians will not only help you with buying the best product but also maintaining it to make sure a longer life span.

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