How can I get my order delivered at my place?2020-02-16T08:45:22+00:00

American Air Services, LLC, have the best freight forwarders and delivery contractors, they can help you with the delivery of your unit to a destination of your own choice. We can deliver the industrial HVAC units not only within Houston but also throughout the world, fulfilling the needs both nationally and internationally. Our shipping department keenly works with the contract suppliers so that you not only get your project delivered on time but also undamaged. American Air Services, LLC, will make sure to get you your order delivered not only at the time but also in the best working condition as it would not be a good choice to have your project ahead of schedule but only for the unit to be broken.

What is an explosion-proof HVAC system, and how do I get the unit perfectly matching my needs?2020-02-16T08:45:42+00:00

The term “explosion-proof” is inclusive. It means if you have planted your HVAC system in an industry, especially a petrochemical industry, there is a higher chance of explosion through the HVAC system. But in this explosion-proof HVAC system and ATEX HVAC systems, engineers particularly made this sure that they remain explosion free. As far as the system matching your needs concern, you can identify the classification of your unit under NEC (national electrical code). You can also visit our website to have more detailed reviews of a suitable HVAC system for your industrial workplace. For further information, please call us. Our customer care support staff is available 24/7, providing you with guidance free of cost.

Can you design a custom explosion-proof HVAC system for my workplace?2020-02-16T08:46:15+00:00

Yes, we have engineers and technicians who can help you with the custom design of the explosion-proof units. Just contact our executive and let them know about your need, and our technicians and engineers will be on their way to you to have a look at your place so they can give you the best possible suggestions for a custom explosion-proof unit.

How much explosion-proof system cost compared to a traditional unit?2020-02-16T08:46:34+00:00

As far as explosion-proof systems are concerned, it is a vital aspect to know that it is quite different from conventional cooling units. The manufacturing of the explosion-proof unit requires considerably expensive components. For this reason, the cost of a simple non-explosion proof unit cannot be compared to an explosion-proof unit by any mean. When you purchase a unit from American Air Services, LLC, you will get the very best that we have to offer in engineering and manufacturing of explosion-proof systems. Trust our engineers and allow us to share our experience to help you with your explosion-proof systems.

Are American Air Services, LLC, providing engineering solutions for our explosion-proof HVAC units?2020-02-16T08:47:01+00:00

Yes, here at American Air Services, LLC, we are providing the very best engineering for our systems. We are fully aware of the problems and concerns a buyer can have while buying an explosion-proof HVAC system. We aim to make sure an efficient and easy way for our customers by allowing us to help them and make their project a successful one.