Wondering if a residential HVAC system can service an industrial facility?

Simple answer, no.

All HVAC units operate the same way; industrial or residential. However, the difference comes in the sizes. Industrial units are bigger, and they tend to utilize more complex elements such as:

  • Industrial Chillers
    These come in two types; air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers.
    Air-cooled chillers can absorb heat from the surroundings through processed water and then release the heat into the place containing the chillers.
    Water-cooled chillers do the same task of absorbing heat from the surroundings, but the absorbed heat is released into a water source commonly known as a cooling tower.
  • Industrial boilers
    These work by heating water then supplying it to different parts of the building with the help of pipes located within the baseboards.
    Industrial boilers are durable, reliable, and energy-efficient, hence reducing the electricity bill.
  • Industrial air handlers and blowers
    These help distribute conditioned air throughout the workplace via ductwork.
    Besides size and the complexity of industrial units, they also differ from residential units in the following ways:

    • More customization and modification is needed
    • They have multiple pans and drainage pipes
    • And the units are usually mounted on the rooftops to minimize noise pollution

Industrial HVAC service

HVAC systems in industrial facilities also require servicing to operate smoothly. Because of the complexities of the systems, you will need a well-trained technician to handle the installation and repair.

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