When summer is almost approaching, it’s natural to focus on AC inspection and maintenance or making the necessary air conditioner repair.

While these initiatives are essential to enable your AC to serve you well during summer, there are some mistakes you may be doing that are undercutting your AC’s efficiency and effectiveness.

You may also be risking your safety when making these mistakes.

Some of these mistakes may be due to a lack of knowledge, and that’s why we are here.

  • Failure to change or clean your air filters
    You ought to change your filters at least every three months and clean them regularly.
    Dirty filters prevent proper airflow, and your AC unit will be working much harder than it should. This can sometimes cause your evaporator coil to freeze up hence shortening the lifespan of your AC.
  • You don’t have a programmable thermostat
    This means you’re not servicing your AC unit as it should. Right now, there are programmable thermostats that make it easier to run an AC unit.
    Unlike the old thermostat, a programmable thermostat not only controls your system, it masters it, allowing for proper cooling when need be, and you’ll save on energy bills.
  • You don’t have curtains or blinds
    This point may seem lame, but you should have curtains on. Too much sunlight is your AC’s big enemy.
    And by having your curtains and blinds to shield your AC unit from the sun’s rays, you’ll be saving it big time.
  • Failure to schedule AC unit service
    A few online videos on how to maintain your air conditioning unit will help keep your AC running, but you also need to consider having a pro look at your system.

There are potential issues your AC unit may be experiencing, which you have no idea of, but with a professional’s help, you’ll be able to save on expensive repairs you didn’t see coming.

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