The fear of facing the summer heat will make you spare those few moments and make sure your AC is in tip-top shape.

So, we are here with all the tips you need for your AC inspection and maintenance before the brutality of summer catches up with you.

  • Clean your filters
    Dust should not hang around your AC for long.
    Dirty filters limit the airflow, making your AC work twice as hard as it should to cool your home. So, make sure to clean your filters regularly to keep your AC at its best.
    For better efficiency, replace your filters every 1-2months.
  • Have your ductwork cleaned
    Double-check your ductwork to ensure there is no accumulated dust on them. In case there is, hire a professional for a thorough ductwork check-up and cleaning.
  • Schedule an AC tune-up
    As you already know, regular maintenance is essential for the efficiency and functionality of your system. Without this, you may end up with expensive air conditioner repair or, worse, replacement.
    You probably don’t want to experience a breakdown in the middle of the scorching summer heat, so how about you schedule a professional AC tune-up?
    A thorough AC tune-up includes:
    • A thorough inspection of your unit, including the ductwork,
    • Checking the thermostat for proper operation,
    • Evaluating the performance of the blower
    • Cleaning the condenser coils and the ductwork
    • Lubricating all moving parts
    • Making necessary repairs
    • Tightening all electrical connections
    • And much more

The tune-up ensures your unit operates efficiently and effectively. You also get to relax, knowing you’re sorted for the entire summer season.

In case your air conditioner is not in perfect shape, this is the time to find out. Contact your nearest air conditioner service provider for a quick diagnosis.

The professional will recommend the best solution, which could be air conditioner replacement or repair.

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